Hey! We are BELÉN -an Architect from Buenos Aires- and VAL -a Graphic Designer from Santiago de Chile-, both based in Berlin.

We united our creativity and awareness for this planet to reuse and Upcycle plastic waste that we find in our daily life. 

LDPE Nº4 (low density polyethylene) is our main raw material. It is soft, flexible and melts at a low temperature. You can find it on shopping or grocery bags and packaging. 

This means trash is our main resource, and our imagination is our weapon to achieve new functional elements that will inherit the same qualities that plastic has: durability, water resistance and flexibility.

Each of our products are designed and handcrafted developing unique pieces for you to enjoy in different color combinations.

Plastic pollution is a major threat for us and our future generations. By purchasing one or more of our products you are collaborating with the circular economy by reinventing design with existing resources. 

4UPCYCLING starts in Berlin and hopes to spread the voice further!